Twenty years already...

Twenty years ago, a publishing house called Prisme was born in the hands of Liliane Knopes and her husband, the talented architect Joël Claisse. In spite of the prematured demise of the latter in 2009, this family project never stopped developing until establishing its position in today's world in the field of high quality edition.

But Prisme Editions is first and foremost a story of passion : the passion of art. Twenty years passed, filled with research of the easthetic appeal and the beauty of the contemporary world; twenty years of high quality books, about architecture, urban planning, photography, art, and as many years of hard work in the service of this passion, rewarder by many excellent projects and solid friendships.

This is also the story of a complicity, short-lived or lasting, with many people, authors and actors of the creation industry, who have escorted and supported this project, beginning with the belgian historian and writer Pierre Loze, who never failed us, but also Isabelle Claisse, skilful colleage beyond reproach.

We also wish to particularly thank our close collaborators, as well as all the people who have directly or indirectly enabled this adventure to come to life and to still continue today. Twenty years later. A huge 'thank you' then to the graphic designers, translators, publishers, diffusers, booksellers... and, of course, all the book and art lovers, who have trusted and still trust us.

Merci !