I'm an author. What about you ?

September 26th, 2015

At the heart of the ethical fight that it leads after the events of the Quartier "Casernes" in Mons (*), the Atelier Matador calls a silent meeting of about 30 minutes on Saturday 26th September 2015 at 2.30 p.m. on the Manège Square, at the front of the Fondation 2015 in Mons.

Your presence will testify of your support to the respect of the work's integrity, whatever its nature or subject, and to the denunciation of any arbitrary act that would contest the copyright and its public expression.

There, you will get a badge - by wearing it, you will demonstrate this support and this denunciation.

(*) While it observes the local urban rules, the material used to build the whole of the buildings of the new neighbourhood, a kind of brick, was juged "too dark" in an architecture "too austere" by the local government officer of the Région Wallonne. He arbitrarily concluded an agreement with the city council and the developer, and required aesthetical modifications, for example white painting and decorative banners, totally opposed to the spirit of the project. The architects who were responsible of it were purely and simply remoted from the debates.

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