Francis Tourneur and Pierre Loze

Stone stopped being used as the principal component of building structures a long time ago. However it is still very much in demand and in use for its unique qualities and force of expression today. Moreover, in the face of our ever-growing concern with sustainable development, local stone is coming back into fashion. Through an exploration of 30 architectural success stories in Belgium and abroad in which stone features heavily, the book highlights the groundbreaking and relevant uses of stone and the significance of this material for contemporary architecture.

The texts of the authors Pierre Loze and Francis Tourneur are illustrated by stunning photos showing details that will open the reader’s eyes to the beauty of stone in Belgium and beyond. To mark the 20th anniversary of Pierres et Marbres de Wallonie.

book details:

ISBN: 9782930451077
Cover: soft cover
Size:  240 mm  x 300 mm
Pages: 236 pages
Price: 49,50 €

Languages: EN - FR - NL

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