New Architecture 1

All societies that can boast an architectural heritage are constantly concerned by its preservation on the one hand, and the possibilities of its integration into contemporary creations on the other.

This is no small matter because it determines the conditions of production of urban planning and architecture as living subjects. However, the question is all too frequently reduced to an exclusive question of form and style, with the debate focusing on the external cosmetic layer, thereby preventing these two disciplines from being truly living subjects.

Nevertheless, good town planning and good architecture cannot exist without a dash of lifestyle on the individual and social scale.

Qualifying them both as “good” is also not without its dangers because such a choice demands an understanding of the ethical and ideological dimensions of the two disciplines.

Full awareness of this inextricable interaction between lifestyles and the use of space is required to create the necessary distance from a formal, anaesthetising, even sterile, debate.

Matador, Architects

Texts :Jan Bruggemans, Joël Claisse, Jean Englebert, Matador, Bob Van Reeth, architects

Pierre Loze, writer

Architects : 83 architectural projects

Cover credits :The Denis-Ortmans House

Architect : Daniel Dethier

Artist : Jean Glibert

Photographer : Jean-Paul Legros

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ISBN: 9782960010343
Cover: soft cover with double flap
Illustrations: colour
Size: 240 mm x 300 mm
Pages: 264 pages
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