New Architecture 2

Architecture naturally implies building, but a building that stands in its own right as a materialistic object and at the same time as a reflection of its underlying principles. Beyond the material, beyond the immediate function, and beyond the forms or materials used, expensive or otherwise, it is possible to make out the organisational principles which relate to the technical, social and aesthetic context. You can feel the presence of ideas, rules and concepts which are expressed intensely. We are all aware that gravity plays a role in every building. However, those buildings that are able to distribute the spaces more precisely on the supporting foundations let us experience this principle which characterises all the solid bodies that surround us.

The dream of every architect is that every act of building, public work, conversion or renovation can be referred to as architecture. "Proportions are free", said Le Corbusier. They are the result of an in-depth reflection which integrates all the parameters and all the requirements of a project and these should never discourage us. The result of successful architecture should revitalise us, provide inspiration, provoke…

Pierre Loze, writer

Architects: 73 architectural projects

Photograph: © Olivier CORNIL

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ISBN: 9782960010350
Cover: soft cover with double flap
Illustrations: colour
Size: 240 mm x 300 mm
Pages: 264 pages
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