Centre d'Art Contemporain du Luxembourg belge

Habiter les Lieux - Occupying Spaces

Contemporary art can be a production of sclerotic forms, worn out by over-use, in which the artist frees himself from conventions, that is, from what those before him have done, in order to affirm himself more fully. Is it a complete break with a tradition or does he base himself on it in order to make it his own? Everyone is free to decide, according to his inspiration and on the basis of his personality, what he wants to say about himself and the world he lives in, visible or otherwise.

Alain Renoy

For almost 33 years, the Contemporary Art Center of Belgian Luxemburg (CACLB) keeps up with its missions of mediation. Discover the numerous aspects of Contemporary Art through the realizations of more than 200 artists organized these last years in this green setting located at the heart of the belgian Luxembourg province.

Texts : Alain Renoy.

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ISBN: 9782930451220
Cover: cartonnée
Illustrations: colored
Size: 200 mm x 260 mm
Pages: 224 pages
Price: 39 €

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