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Charles Dumont

L'esprit d'un architecte

This book presents the houses designed by Charles Dumont from 1958 to 1988. “The house is a living organism (…) : it lives in its entirety and in its details. The house is the skin of the human body”, said the architect.

“Charles Dumont’s specific way of working is characterized by the consideration for the site, neighbourhood, context, and also the budget and other variables, but above all by the consideration for man, habitant and user.” - Alain Richard

Texts and memories from Albert Bontridder, Alain Richard, Andrée Rossillion and Claude Strebelle guide us through the pages of this book, bring to life the buildings and reveal the mind of the architect Charles Dumont.

book details:

ISBN: 9782930451022
Cover: soft cover with double flap
Illustrations: colour
Size: 170 mm x 240 mm
Pages: 160 pages
Price: 25,00 €

Language: FR
Co-edition with la Communauté française Wallonie Bruxelles








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