New Architecture 4

In this 4th edition of Belgium New architecture, Joel Claisse, architect and Pierre Loze, writer speak to us about the durable development around the presentation of the international station of scientific research which is in the course of assembly in the Antarctic. Interrogations and answers around the climatic modifications and zero emissions, to conclude by the importance from research in architecture. Belgium New Architecture proposes, like its predecessors, the discovery of creative, innovating and ecological projects in the fields such as the housing, the office, public spaces, cultural places and the design.

© Jean-Luc Deru, photographer / Daylight
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Architects: 58 architectural projects

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ISBN: 9782930451046
Cover: soft cover with double flap
Illustrations: colour
Size: 240 mm x 300 mm
Pages: 264 pages
Price: 49,50 €

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