Pierre Lallemand

The cubist collages attempted to produce an image - admirable, meditated, appeased - that would offer a mental recomposition of the perception. 
On the contrary, Pierre Lallemand is trying to stay in the instant which just precedes, where the dice are tossed, but have not yet fallen.
The recurrent elements which he plays with in his collages - a glass, a pair of glasses, a fish on a plate - seem like the different facets of a die. And it is tossed. This is the end of a dinner with friends...

Pierre Lallemand is a trained architect and founding member of the firm of architects Art & Build (Brussels, Paris, Luxembourg, and Toulouse). Along with this group of creators, he has put his name to numerous buildings, particularly linked to the European institutions.

As a visual artist, he approaches and resolves the technical, economic or ecologic complexities that intervene in any design, and practices the arts of painting and sculpture as a sort of research laboratory, also spending much time designing objects: lights, ships, bicycles, etc.
The main theme of his multi-form and very innovative activity is in the synthesis of a truly perceptive curiosity with a real concern for the future of our societies.

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ISBN: 9782930451053
Cover: soft cover with simple flap
Illustrations: colour
Size: 260 mm x 340 mm
Pages: 50 pages
Price: 40,00 €

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