Ma traversée de Bruxelles

Paul De Gobert

How can we open ourselves from the place we were born to the outside world in order to discover it ?
This book aim to share with us the artistic initiation of a painter who was able to find what links him to the entire universe, right among the things that surround him directly.  

From the southern suburb of Brussels, through its underground and to the Marolles district, Paul de Gobert draws the thread of a philosophic and ecologic daydream which has led him yet further.

The sense of humour and of derision, the kindness of Brussels, combined to the influence of the great artistic figures such as Magritte, Hergé, Broodthears, stand for this painter and poet's passeport.
He gives us here the keys to understand a vision that accompanied him during his travels in time and in space, and passes on its main features : a certain curiosity, and a taste for life. 

Paul de Gobert was born in Brussels in 1949. He became well known very young, thanks to a mural painting work that he realised in various public places and buildings (for example, the schools of Calvoet and Saint-Job, the Marolles' house, the construction fence of the Crédit Communal, the Vandervelde metro station). He carried on with his activity in Paris (mural paintings in a day nursery of the 13th district, at the Telon hospital, at the Roux-Seguela Agency, etc.), meanwhile he was developping an activity as a painter, painter in watercolours and an engraver.

As he is a great traveller, he came back from his journeys in the Sahara desert or in the Mongolian plains with a great number of drawings and portraits, the latter ones being edited in "Visages de Mongolie". He also published a Guide of green walks around Brussels, which shows the same passion towards nature that surrounds us, both the one so close that we can find it in our own gardens and, on the contrary, the exotic one from faraway lands.  

book details:

ISBN: 9782930451084
Cover: cover with simple flap
Illustrations: color
Size: 235 mm x 300 mm
Pages: 160 pages
Price: 29,00 €

Language: FR






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